Pyrolysis oil.

Pyrolysis oil: compounds for green chemistry

Pyrolysis oil is a liquid substance obtained in pyrolysis process and subsequent cooling. It is a complex blends of molecules usually consisting more than 200 different compounds resulting from the depolymerisation of products treated in pyrolysis.

Pyrolysis oil remain interesting source of bio-chemicals and renewable compounds that meet significant market interest.

Although often high LHV (12 – 22 MJ/kg), oil from waste pyrolysis process require further treatment to ensure it’s stability and compatibility with existing petroleum based fuels.

Selected types of feedstock and tailored made-processes of clean biomass pyrolysis can allow to obtain high quality and value oils that can be used as food aromas, plant protectors or growth enhancers (wood vinegar).

Directions of pyrolysis oil utilisation:

  • source of bio-molecules
  • fuel for further refining
  • food aromas (liquid smoke)
  • pesticides and plant enhancers (wood vinegar)