Pyrolysis, torrefaction, gasification process for biomass and waste

Biogreen® is innovative, patented pyrolysis process operating since 2003. For more than a decade, our solution works for converting biomass, plastics, and waste into energy and useful products.


Biogreen© is a simple and flexible pyrolysis solution to produce biochar, oil, solid fuels and syngas from your biomass residues.

Sewage sludge

We provide plants for continuous treatment of sewage sludge that combine together the advantages of drying and pyrolysis processes.

Plastics and RDF

Energy from waste: Biogreen© is a compact and local-scale solution that produces high calorific syngas for energy purposes.

Tires and rubber

Biogreen® pyrolysis process for rubber chips allows producing high energy syngas, oil and excellent quality of solid residue.

wood biomass - resource for torrefaction


Biogreen© is a solution for biomass torrefaction and carbonization. It takes several minutes in a temperature range between 200°C to 400°C to densify energy of biomass. The treated material will lose weight (around 20-30%) and become brittle. Carbonisation and torrefaction in Biogreen® produce quality charcoal and excellent solid fuels. >> Learn more.

pyrolysis for biochar production


Biogreen® pyrolysis process operates between 400°C and 800°C. The controlled process provides quality solid products: biochar, recycled carbon black and many more. Pyrolysis oil finds interest as a liquid for chemical industries and refining substrate. Syngas is excellent fuel for energy production. High-temperature pyrolysis produces greatest quantities of calorific syngas with high CH4 concentration. >> Learn more.

waste to energy


Biogreen® technology allows gasification (with a small amount of air injection) as well as high-temperature pyrolysis (up to 800°C) treatment. High-temperature conversion leads to the maximum production of rich in energy gas which calorific value can be in the range between 10 to 30 MJ/m3. After clean up process, generated gas can be applied as valuable fuel for electricity or syngas production. >> Learn more.

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Towards the waste densification. The patented solution for compacting a variety of waste and biomass fractions, from RDF, SRF, waste plastics, through dry sewage sludge up to biomass.

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