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Thermochemical conversion processes – torrefaction, pyrolysis, gasification

Biogreen® is an innovative and patented process for thermochemical conversion of biomass, sludge, plastic and waste. It includes an exclusive and patented pyrolysis system that extracts useful substances to be used as a source of energy or a renewable product for green chemical applications.


Biogreen can be used for biomass torrefaction. Torrefaction is one of the possibilities to create denser energy. Treatment is achieved within a few minutes in a temperature range between 200°C to 300°C in an anaerobic environment. Biomass will lose weight (around 30%), and become crumbly. This prepares it to be crushed or gasified. Torrefaction also produces a homogeneous product, which can be easily compacted to produce TOP (torrefied wood pellet).


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Pyrolysis operates between 400°C and 900°C. The oil can be used as fuel, carbon black, or a soil enhancer . The oil can be used as fuel for renewable chemical industries. It can also be refined. Gas can be used as fuel for burner or gas engines or turbines. High temperature pyrolysis also produces high quantity of high calorific value with CH4 concentration up to 50% depending on feedstock quality.


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Biogreen® allows gasification (with small amount of air injection) or high temperature pyrolysis (800°C to 900°C). Calorific value of the gas can be in the range between 10 to 30 MJ/m3. After a gas clean up process, gas can be used as fuel for electricity production or syngas production.


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