Sludge pyrolysis. Applications & results

Sludge pyrolysis: equipment for drying and thermal conversion

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Management of sewage sludge becomes an increasing problem for the environment.

Landfilling has become more and more difficult due to pollution of the sewage sludge, odors, heavy metal and pathogens. Disposal is difficult and has been even banned in somes countries. Also, incineration is a nonpopular and very costly solution for sewage sludge treatment. Our solution meets the demand for alternative, local and low-cost sludge thermal treatment methods.

ETIA offers two solutions:

1 /  Drying of sewage sludge with the KENKI dryer
- 50-1000 kg/h of wet sludge
- Sludge input: 80% moisture / sludge output: <10% moisture

2 / Sludge pyrolysis based on unique Biogreen® process

After drying to 85-90% DM, sludge is provided to the continuous Biogreen® pyrolysis system. Conversion is performed in oxygen-free atmosphere in unique construction of pyrolysis chamber, which guarantees constant quality of product obtained from the treatment. Produced gas can be used to produce heat, steam, electricity and many more.

  • Continuous treatment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • Eliminate odors
  • Sterilized product (no pathogens)
  • Eliminate risk of fire due to organic matter
  • Produce energy with obtained syngas (up to 20 MJ/Nm3)
  • Produce biochar which can be use as fertilizer and soil amendment (contains P, N, Mg, S, Si, K, Ca…)
  • Very simple and compact solution with low CAPEX and OPEX
Data results

Data chart

Sewage sludge treatment at 800°c
Bio-char 16-30 %
Syngas 35-45 %
LHV (MJ/m3) 15-20