Energy from waste: continuous pyrolysis for RDF and SRF

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Energy from waste: RDF and SRF conversion

Protected by international patents, Biogreen® is an extremely flexible system that offers a wide range of possibilities in obtaining energy from waste. The system remains the preferred choice of Customers looking for proven and industrial technology that guarantees continuous production and quality. Our product supports the industry in the sustainable management of RDF and SRF, producing valuable energy from waste, just at the place it is needed.

Biogreen® – the heart of your waste to energy plant

Reliable, high quality pyrolysis equipment is essential for the operation of waste to energy plant. Biogreen® offers you flexible, modular system for pyrolysis RDF and SRF, which is based on more than decade of experience in industrial process in Europe and worldwide.

Why high temperature pyrolysis?

High temperature in Biogreen® unit results in greatest yield of energy from waste. In this conditions, pyrolysis results in syngas at high calorific values, which is a key element of efficient waste to energy process aimed at the production of electricity, steam or heat.

Example compositions of of syngas

* Non-condensable fractions measured at ambient temperature.

% Vol H2 CH4 C2-C4 CO CO2 N2 LHV [MJ/Nm3] kWh/tonne inlet
RDF pyrolysis 16% 25% 24% 18% 15% 2% 27.3 4690
plastics pyrolysis 25% 38% 18% 9% 5% 5% 28 7800

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Gasification process
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Race for Water: Plastic Waste to Energy Solution (English version)

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Race for Water: Solution de valorisation des déchets plastiques en énergie (Version française)

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