Containerised Mobile Unit. Quick & ready to use.

Mobile Containerised Pyrolysis Unit

Easy to install pyrolysis plant for biomass and waste

Equipment can be delivered in containerised modules that allow to present a quick and ready to use version of the Biogreen® pyrolysis plant.
Unit can run in torrefaction, pyrolysis or high temperature pyrolysis mode to produce biochar, bio-oil and syngas from any kind of biomass waste from wood, crops or waste materials.

  • Compact and ready to use
  • No installation, building or civil works
  • Small, plug&play solution for processing your feedstock on site

What are the advantages of containerised pyrolysis plant?

The decision about containerisation is driven by multiple factors including project location, timing, permitting, operational schedule and local labour costs.

Containerized (CM) pyrolysis plants provide several advantages related to quick installation, facilitated transport and modular construction of the plant. This type of plant is suitable for fast, often temporary applications designed to be moved or rearranged after a time-period, shipped or stored in long-term. Because of it’s portable and standardized construction, BiogreenCM models are also recommended for limited space areas, projects constraining non-interference in local infrastructure, investments requiring no building work or remaining under particular law regulations.


Biogreen® Product CM600
(English version)

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Biogreen® Product CM600
(Version française)

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