Biogreen® pyrolysis technology. Key advantages.

Biogreen® pyrolysis technology: Thermochemical conversion of biomass and waste

Pyrolysis process in mobile, containerised and fixed equipment

What makes Biogreen® pyrolysis technology unique ?
  • Industrial pyrolysis operating for over a decade: first unit commissioned in 2003
  • Continuous and fully automatic process of pyrolysis
  • Highest quality of products
  • Full and reliable control of treatment conditions
  • Easy change of operating conditions
  • Worldwide availability
  • Variety of sizes and configurations
  • Small footprint; « lean & mean » equipment
Biogreen® is innovative, patented pyrolysis process operating since 2003. Since more than a decade, our solution works for converting biomass, plastics, and waste into energy and useful products.

Biogreen pyrolysis process is based on electrically heated screw conveyor (Spirajoule®), designed for advanced thermal treatment in temperatures up to 800 degrees C. Processed product temperature is precisely controlled basing on the temperature settings. The dwell time of material inside Biogreen® reactor is regulated by screw rotation speed. Thermal conversion is performed in oxygen-free (pyrolysis) atmosphere in unique construction of equipment, which guarantees a constant quality of product obtained from the treatment.

Protected by international patents, Biogreen® is an extremely versatile system that offers a wide range of possibilities for thermochemical conversion of biomass and waste into high added value materials and energy.

Biogreen is one of the leading pyrolysis processes in Europe, which demonstrated reliability and performance for over a decade of operation.

What are the applications of Biogreen® pyrolysis process?

  • biomass solid fuels production (torrefaction process)
  • municipal waste, industrial waste (RDF / SRF) conversion into electricity
  • biochar (soil nutrients and enhancers) production
  • conversion of sludge and industrial sludge into heat and electricity

What is the capacity of Biogreen pyrolysis process?

Biogreen® module is designed to process up to 2,5 m3/h. Actual mass capacity is linked to the applied treatment time (« residence time ») of raw product and it’s apparent density (kg/m3). Residence time of material is set up in Biogreen® control panel and regulated by screw rotation speed. For obtaining higher capacities, Biogreen® pyrolysis units are placed in paralell.