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What makes Biogreen® unique. Overview & keypoints

Thermochemical conversion of biomass and waste

Pyrolysis process in mobile, containerised and fixed equipment

Biogreen® is an innovative pyrolysis process, patented by ETIA and dedicated for continuous conversion of biomass and waste residue. System allows torrefaction, medium and high temperature pyrolysis treatment of various bulk materials.

Technology is based on electrically heated screw conveyor (Spirajoule®) designed for advanced thermal treatment in temperatures up to 800 deg C. Processed product temperature is precisely controlled basing on the temperature settings. The dwell time of material inside Biogreen® reactor is regulated by screw rotation speed. Thermal conversion is performed in oxygen-free (pyrolysis) atmosphere in unique construction of equipment which guarantees constant quality of product obtained from the treatment.

What makes Biogreen® pyrolysis process unique ?

    • Continuous and fully automatic process of pyrolysis
    • Reliable system for full control of treatment conditions
    • Compact, containerised and local scale solution for residue treatment
    • Small footprint; « lean & mean » equipment

A real industrial innovation

Protected by international patents, Biogreen® is an extremely versatile system that offers a wide range of possibilities for thermochemical conversion of biomass and waste into high added value materials and energy.

Biogreen is one of the leading pyrolysis processes in Europe, which demonstrated reliability and performance for over a decade of operation. Its great simplicity ensures high reliability combined with low maintenance and operating costs.

Efficient and precisely controlled conversion of variety of organic materials makes Biogreen® a perfect solution for turning waste into products.

Since years, our pyrolysis process supports the industry in management of bulk products, including:

    • biomass solid fuels production (torrefaction process)
    • municipal waste, industrial waste (RDF / SRF) conversion into electricity
    • biochar (soil nutrients and enhancers) production
    • conversion of sludge and industrial sludge into heat and electricity

Treatment processes

Biogreen© can be used for biomass torrefaction and low temperature carbonisation. Torrefaction is a method to preprocess biomass by improving its energy and grindability. Treatment is achieved within a few minutes in a temperature range between 200°C to 350°C in an anaerobic environment. Treated biomass loses weight (up to 30%), and become crumbly. Torrefaction allows to produce a stable, homogeneous fuel, which can be also easily compacted to produce higher density pellets.
Medium temperature pyrolysis treatment is performed between 400°C and 800°C. Produced char can be used as fuel, carbon black, or a soil enhancer. The oil can be used as fuel for renewable chemical industries. It can also be refined. Gas can be used as fuel for burner or gas engines or turbines. High temperature pyrolysis leads to significant quantity of high calorific gas with high CH4 concentration.
To reach the highest performance in gas production, Biogreen® operates in high temperature pyrolysis and gasification conditions, with temperatures reached up to 800°C. Process meets the demand of processing feedstock to achieve maximum syngas that after cleanup process can be used for heat, electricity or gaseous molecules production.


Biogreen® module is designed to process up to 2,5 m3/h. The mass capacity depends on bulk density of material and residence time applied in the process.