Wood vinegar.

Wood vinegar

Natural, organic product for agriculture

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wood vinegar

What is wood vinegar?

Wood vinegar is often referred to pyroligneus acid or wood acid. It is a liquid substance produced in precisely controlled pyrolysis of biomass. While a variety of biomass types can be used to produce wood vinegar, such as wood, crops, agricultural residues or different materials of biological origin, the most common types of biomass used are hardwood chips and sawdust.

As a manufacturer of equipment suitable for production of wood vinegar, on this website we are introducing the production method and possible applications of the product.

How the wood vinegar is produced?

Wood vinegar is produced in pyrolysis process, which is a type of treatment which can be applied to any organic (carbon-based) product. When the biomass is exposed to high temperature in the absence of oxygen, it goes through chemical and physical separation into different molecules. The decomposition takes place thanks to the limited thermal stability of chemical bonds of materials, which allows them to be disintegrated by using the heat.

The temperature and residence time used in the pyrolysis process influence the composition of gases produced in biomass pyrolysis, so obtaining quality and consistency of production of the wood vinegar is closely connected to the controllability and precision of the thermal conversion unit. The highest quality and standardised wood vinegars are produced under accurately designed conditions according to the producer recipe.

Biogreen process allows to produce wood vinegar in precisely designed conditions, which can be adapted according to your market requirements. The production bases on continuous, electrically heated screw conveyor, which has is proven and well recognised in industrial operation since over 20 years. Carefully chosen operating conditions allow the stability of the process and repeatable quality of the products.

How wood vinegar can be used?

Wood vinegar is a natural, biological product that can be used in a variety of segments. While there are many possible applications, one of the most promising markets for wood vinegar is related to agriculture and organic farming. Wood vinegar is excellent pesticide and fertilizer that improves soil quality, helps elimination of pests and assists in the plant growth control by being able to accelerate the development of plants. It is often used to increase the amounts of fruits produced in orchards.

Benefits of wood vinegar for organic farming:

  • Increasing vitality and quality of crops by spraying diluted wood vinegar on plant leaves
  • Protection from the harmful insects and specific plant diseases
  • Control of the biological activity of the soil by helping to influence the concentration of useful microbes
  • Help in the development of stronger roots for the plants
  • Help in the development of stronger roots for the plants
  • Reduction of odors from produced manures
  • Facilitation of composting – wood vinegar as a compost activator helps to accelerate the materials conversion into organic compost.

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