Research center.

Discover our pyrolysis research center

Every feedstock is different. Knowing the diversity of material properties that can impact the pyrolysis process, we provide you the possibility of testing your own product in one of pilot systems operated in Biogreen© pyrolysis research centres.

By performing pilot pyrolysis test, you receive the results corresponding exactly to your individual needs. Whether you are a waste manager, or company designing and operating the treatment centres, obtained informatin help you to navigate through your project preparation, arranging off-take contracts and permitting procedures.

Full testing day in Biogreen® includes:

  • delivered product density and moisture control
  • thermochemical conversion of product in Spirajoule® reactor
  • online gas composition monitoring: molecules of CH4, CO, CO2, H2, CxHy
  • calculation of gas LHV
  • measurement of oil and solid HHV
  • mass balance of process products
  • sampling solid and liquid products
  • char density analysis
  • report and conclusions preparation

We cooperate with professional research laboratories that can perform supplementary analysis.

If you need to perform additional research on the products received from the process (syngas, oil, char), please inform our representative to prepare the suitable quotation.

Are you interested in your waste and biomass valorisation results? Contact us and request a trial in Biogreen© pyrolysis research center.