Pyrolysis equipment. At a glance.

Overview – Biogreen pyrolysis equipment

Simple solution for demanding applications

Our system is the first choice of Customers looking for proven and industrial technology, which guarantees continuous production and highest quality standards. As a leading pyrolysis system in Europe, Biogreen® equipment is proven in industrial operation for over 14 years.

Equipment simplicity provides high reliability, little maintenance, and low operating costs. This feature, together with a small footprint of Biogreen®, provides a compact and local-scale answer to the demand of industry, producing the energy and valuable resources just at the place they are needed.

Continuous process to create an added value

Our pyrolysis equipment allows to convert all type of bulk materials (biomass, biosolids, waste) into high value products (syngas, biochar, oil compounds, solid fuels and other). This ability makes Biogreen® an excellent tool for many biomass and waste processing facilities.

Where is Biogreen® pyrolysis equipment used?

Since many years, our pyrolysis equipment supports the industry in the following areas:

  • solid fuels production from biomass (torrefaction process)
  • biochar (soil enhancer) production
  • municipal, industrial waste (RDF / SRF), plastics conversion to electricity
  • conversion of dry sludges into heat and electricity
  • oil from biomass extraction for variety of applications

Our pyrolysis equipment principle