Biomass pyrolysis. Applications & results

Biomass pyrolysis for forest wood and crops

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Introduction to biomass pyrolysis.

Biomass. Biomass plants are often huge and complex installations with high maintenance costs. Biogreen® can be a perfect alternative to this. Our plant is a small footprint pyrolysis unit, which features efficient operation, modularity, low CAPEX and maintenance and little downtime.

Biomass pyrolysis process offers you the possibility of obtaining all kinds of products, including bio-oils of various kinds, biochar, carbon, charcoal, syngas and many more. Our system can help you valorize your biomass locally and with the greatest flexibility.

All type of wood forms is suitable for biomass pyrolysis in Biogreen®. Sawdust, wood chips, shells, crops and many more products transform into high-value resources. Char from wood pyrolysis can make great soil amendment (biochar) or a high quality, solid fuel. Oil is attractive for the variety of industries, including smoked food flavors.
Biogreen® equipment is a perfect choice when you are looking for maximum process flexibility, high-quality production and easy control over the treatment conditions according to your expectations.

Our approach:

  • industrially proven technology with operational track record since 2003
  • Many applications and first successful equipment for certified biochar production in France
  • Full control over process and results: precise management of operating conditions for highest products quality
  • Heat production from syngas to support the requirements on site

Our range of processes:

  • charcoal yields equal to 65-80% of feedstock
  • solution for increasing low heating value of biomass up to 21 – 24 MJ/kg
  • production of homogenous charcoal, biocoal and easy to pelletise solid fuel
  • increased energy density
  • production of hydrophobic, easy to store material resistant to external agents (bacteria, parasites)
  • biochar yields equal to 25 – 35% of feedstock
  • Biogreen pyrolysis plant is used for production of first certified and registered biochar in France
  • production of biochar compatible with IBI and European Biochar Certificate
  • syngas production with high LHV, up to 16 MJ/Nm3
  • precisely controlled conditions allowing to generate high-quality and standardized product
  • maximum syngas yield
  • solution for producing highest quantity of energy from biomass
  • minimusing the solid residues
  • flexibility in answering the power demands
  • syngas: excellent alternative to conventional fuels
Torrefaction process results

Data chart

Oak Tree Straw Thuja Tabaco Clove
Bio-char 80,8 % 88 % 68,5 % 46 % 89,3 %
Bio-oil 11,3 % 10 % 16,5 % 16 % 4,72 %
Bio-gas 7,9 % 2 % 15 % 38 % 5,98 %
LHV (MJ/m3) 0,35 10,41 0,69 1,04 0,12
Pyrolysis process results

Data chart

Oak Tree Clove
Bio-char 31,5 % 46,4 %
Bio-oil 27,1 % 27,9 %
Bio-gas 41,4 % 25,7 %
LHV (MJ/m3) 10,41 3,61