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Wood and crops biomass. Applications & results

Biomass pyrolysis for forest wood and crops

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Biomass. Biomass processing plants can be very large and complex installations with high maintenance costs. Biogreen® pyrolysis equipment is the perfect alternative offering a small footprint, cost efficient operation, modularity, low CAPEX and maintanance cost, little downtime and only requiring electricity to operate.

Biomass pyrolysis process offers you possibility of obtaining all kinds of products, including: bio-oils of various kinds, biochar, carbon, charcoal, syngas and more. Our system can help you valorize your product locally and with maximum flexibility.

All sort of wood forms can be subject of biomass pyrolysis in Biogreen®: flour, sawdust, wood chips and other can be transformed into high value resources. Char from wood can be used for soil amendment (biochar) or as a solid fuel. Oil can be used for variety of industries, including smoked food flavours.

Our equipment is a preferred choice when you search for maximum process flexibility, high quality production and possibility of adapting the treatment conditions according to expected results. Most favoured applications of Biogreen© include:

Torrefaction in 250 – 400 oC

  • product yields equal to 65-80% of feedstock
  • increasing low heating value of biomass up to 21 – 24 MJ/kg of product
  • production of homogenous and easy to pelletise solid fuel
  • increased energy density
  • production of hydrophobic, easy to store material resistant to external agents (bacteria, parasite)
  • low O/C
Biochar production in 450 – 600 oC
  • technology incorporated for production of first certified and registered biochar in France
  • production of biochar compatible with IBI and European Biochar Certificate
  • biochar yields equal to 25 – 35% of feedstock
  • syngas production with LHV up to 16 MJ/Nm3
  • precisely controlled conditions allowing to generate high-quality and standarised product
Torrefaction process results

Data chart

Oak Tree Straw Thuja Tabaco Clove
Bio-char 80,8 % 88 % 68,5 % 46 % 89,3 %
Bio-oil 11,3 % 10 % 16,5 % 16 % 4,72 %
Bio-gas 7,9 % 2 % 15 % 38 % 5,98 %
LHV (MJ/m3) 0,35 10,41 0,69 1,04 0,12
Pyrolysis process results

Data chart

Oak Tree Clove
Bio-char 31,5 % 46,4 %
Bio-oil 27,1 % 27,9 %
Bio-gas 41,4 % 25,7 %
LHV (MJ/m3) 10,41 3,61