Pyrolysis applications in industry.

Pyrolysis applications. Showcase of the residues converted.

Biogreen – multi-purpose tool for your residue valorization

Below we are introducing you to the most common pyrolysis applications by showing the common residues processed. With its variety of operating conditions, Biogreen® makes a perfect solution for changing many types of wastes into products.

Our solution is suitable to treat any type of bulk, organic (carbon-based) material. Thanks to patented, electrically heated screw, Biogreen® can perform treatment in the various range of process temperatures. It allows the user to precisely navigate the process, from applying torrefaction, carbonization or high-temperature pyrolysis conditions, and obtain the results that exactly answer the demand.

From biomass, through bio-solids and different fractions of organic materials, every material features different properties and creates its unique business model. Whether you are waste manager, biomass processing plant or a project developer working with different types of materials, Biogreen® can become a useful tool for your product management.

pyrolysis applications

pyrolysis applications