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Pyrolysis of plastic: continuous waste to energy process

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Plastic pyrolysis: when the waste becomes an energy

Plastic pollution increasingly affects the lands, waterways and oceans, building a large-scale environmental problem that needs an urgent response. Countries search for solutions that support the idea of closed loop waste management by converting the waste into a valuable resource.

When other technologies focus on big, complex waste management systems, Biogreen© brings a compact and local-scale answer to the problem of plastic waste management. Our containerized unit for pyrolysis of plastics is modular, easy to install equipment, made to convert waste into calorific syngas suitable for energy applications. By operating in high-temperature process conditions and using unique, electrically powered Spirajoule© technology, Biogreen© can produce high yields of power and turn the waste plastic into valuable resource – creating the sustainable energy, just at the place it is needed.

Industrial technology

Reliable, high quality pyrolysis equipment is essential for the successful operation of plant. Our system comes in flexible, modular units. In designing our process for pyrolysis of plastics, we based on more than decade of experience in industrial process in Europe and worldwide.

High temperature pyrolysis of plastics

The process carried in Biogreen® results in greatest production of syngas at high calorific values, which is a key element of efficient waste to energy process aimed at the production of electricity, steam or heat.

Example compositions of of syngas

* Non-condensable fractions measured at ambient temperature.

% Vol H2 CH4 C2-C4 CO CO2 N2 LHV [MJ/Nm3] kWh/tonne inlet
RDF pyrolysis 16% 25% 24% 18% 15% 2% 27.3 4690
plastics pyrolysis 25% 38% 18% 9% 5% 5% 28 7800

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