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Processes. what you can achieve with Biogreen


Biogreen© process reach highest efficiency with materials at low moisture content. Our equipment can be easily combined with variety of drying systems. ETIA can also offer you a complete turn-key process including Biogreen© unit accompanied by appropriate dryer.

Thermochemical conversion

The thermochemical transformation changes the product’s structure by applying heat in a controlled atmosphere. The products generated in the pyrolysis conversion process are solid residue (char) and syngas that carries condensable and non-condensable phases. With Biogreen®, ETIA offers a multipurpose and efficient range of solutions designed for treatment of various type of raw materials to convert them into valuable products for energy, agriculture or chemical markets.


Biogreen© can be used for biomass and biosolids torrefaction and low temperature carbonisation. Torrefaction is a method to preprocess biomass by improving its energy and grindability. Treatment is achieved within a few minutes in a temperature range between 200°C to 350°C in an anaerobic environment. Treated biomass loses weight (up to 30%), and become crumbly. Torrefaction allows to produce a stable, homogeneous fuel, which can be also easily compacted to produce higher density pellets.


Torréfaction de biomasse (Version française)

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Medium temperature pyrolysis treatment is performed between 400°C and 800°C. Produced char can be used as fuel, carbon black, or a soil enhancer. The oil can be used as fuel for renewable chemical industries. It can also be refined. Gas can be used as a valuable fuel for heat and electricity production. High temperature pyrolysis leads to significant quantity of high calorific gas with high CH4 concentration.


To reach the highest performance in gas production, Biogreen® operates in high temperature pyrolysis and gasification (with small amount of air injection) conditions, with temperatures reached up to 800°C. Process meets the demand of processing feedstock to achieve maximum syngas that after cleanup process can be used for heat, electricity or gaseous molecules production.


Gasification process (English version)

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Gazéification (Version française)

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