Kenki dryer.

Kenki: sludge dryer for humid and pastry products

Our company is authorised European distributor of Japan based Kenki Corporation, company specialised in drying equipment in Europe.

Kenki dryer bases on the unique design of self-cleaning double screw conveyors that guarantees the effective process of moving the feedstock. The dryer is specially designed for continuous drying of pasty and sticky materials.

How our sludge dryer works?

Our sludge dryer is based on synchronized twin screw conveyors are carrying the material through the dryer’s chamber and preventing sticking of the material to the hot surfaces of the dryer. Special design of blades that are turning in the intersection with each other enables to dry and agitate the material. Adjacent blades are scraping off the material that deposits on the primary blades. Solid waste is crushed and dried simultaneously inside the dryer.

    Applications of Kenki dryer:

  • chemical sludge
  • industrial sludge
  • hazardous sludge
  • municipal sludge
  • food waste
  • other high moisture and viscosity materials

    Features of Kenki dryer:

  • high efficiency
  • low drying temperature
  • compact construction
  • no drying air installation required
  • simple and effective vapour condensation
  • high-moisture and pastry materials processing

About Kenki Corporation

KENKI Corporation has been established in January 1964 in Fukuoka, Japan, as a company specialised in developing, design and manufacturing of maintenance and industrial equipment. Since more than 50 years company specialises in development of industrial sludge dryers, feeding and sorting equipment as well as other environmental protection machines used in Japan and worldwide. During the time, Kenki has expanded it’s specialisation in the unique twin screw drying technologies, developing several generations of sludge dryers for sticky and pastry materials. Today, the core focus of the company is development and providing the newest generation continuous drying equipment – Kenki SHTS.

Kenki Sludge Dryer

Available models of equipment:


Model TS-2L-0.5 TS-2L-1 TS-2L-2.5 TS-2L-5 TS-2L-10
Capacity* 50 kg/hr 100 kg/hr 250 kg/hr 500 kg/hr 1000 kg/hr
Size (W x L x H) 1210 x 5720 x 1980 1500 x 6650 x 2230 1990 x 8530 x 2460 2257 x 11820 x 2530 2650 x 14460 x 3160
Weight 3.0 T 5.6 T 10.0 T 17.2 T 30.0 T
Electrical energy 4.5 kW 5.7 kW 11.4 kW 15.7 kW 23.7 kW

*1 In case of drying material of water content 80%, output 20% water content under steam pressure 0.5Mpa.
*2 The drying capacity depends on the type of material and material water content.

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