Models and capacities.

Find the right size for industrial pyrolysis unit

How many kilograms per hour can Biogreen® handle?

Industrial pyrolysis plants come in various sizes and configurations, so it is important that you choose the right capacity for your objectives. The mass capacity of the machine is established by choosing the most preferable treatment time (« residence time ») and taking into account your material apparent density (kg/m3).

Presented tables explain the most typical capacities of our industrial pyrolysis units. Biogreen® is a system designed for full modularity. This is why, if you are looking for achieving higher throughputs, we can also offer you equipment installed in parallel (placed side by side).

Capacities explained

The information below is made to give you a guidance on typically used capacities of Biogreen® industrial pyrolysis equipment. Intake capacity is explained by the volume and mass flow of raw material treated.

A note on the capacities

Every feedstock is different and presents individual behaviour when being affected by temperature. Please, consult ETIA representative for the most accurate estimations for your project.