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ETIA Group.

Biogreen® is part of ETIA Group. Founded in 1989, we are a French engineering company specializing in innovation, equipment and processes for continuous thermal treatment of bulk products.

ETIA covers more than 35 countries in the five continents. Recognized for its policy in industrial innovation, company receives each year the label BPI EXCELLENCE since 2010.

With a team of experts covering all functions required for the development of innovative industrial processes (R&D, engineering, design, marketing, sales and consumer support) ETIA offers:

  • Expertise in waste management
  • Pilot plants for feasibility studies
  • Engineering and design for turn key production plant
  • Sales department for optimal solutions for sustainable waste and biomass treatment

During its activity, ETIA has created 4 brands for sustainable solutions in the industry: Biogreen® – thermochemical conversion, Safesteril® – thermal treatment in food industry, Ozosteril® – ozone treatment on bulk products and VT Green® dedicated to biochar and natural solutions for soil amendments and fertilizers.

Companies in our Group:

BiogreenAfrica Ascodero VTGREEN Cogebio