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Beltomatic® Continuous Belt Dryer. An optional continuous belt dryer from BNW Industries

Beltomatic® Continuous Belt Dryer

ETIA is a partner of BNW industries which offer a belt dryer with stainless belt for thermal treatment (cooling or heating) for wide range of products even if they have a large size.

The Continuous Belt Dryer is a equipment which allows to dry divided products such as wood chips, wood pellets, sadust, cereals wastes, solid wastes etc…
This belt dryer is designed to reduce moisture from early 50 down to 12 or 8%, depending of the product or reduction needed. It can use different sort of heat sources (gas, steam, fuel…) which optimise the process.

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Exemple of a real Biogreen installation featuring BNW Industries Techology.


Dryer/Cooler, Sécheur/Refroidisseur

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