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Tires & rubber. Applications & results

Tires and rubber

In many places used tires are seen as a nasty waste material that are quite difficult to get rid of. We have an example of Biogreen® technology processing the rubber from used tires and creating a valuable charcoal from it.

Once the tires have been shredded and the metals are recovered, the crumbed rubber can be processed through the Biogreen® technology and drastically increase in value.

Data results

Distillation graph ( Biogreen Oil / Crude Oil )

Data chart

Biogreen Oil Carbon Black
Yield (w/w) of inlet Up to 40% 44%
LHV (GJ/ton) 39 30
Density 0,960 0,38
Ashes 0,051% 19,2%
C 85,7% 78%
H 9,8% 1,26%
O 3,6%
N 0,6% 0,31%
S 0,978% 2,8%
Cl 0,024% 760 ppm
Flash point 84°C -
Viscosity @ 20°C 11,91 mm2/s -
Viscosity @ 20°C 4,48 mm2/s -
BET - 40 m2/g

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Gasification process
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End of life tires
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