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Biomass, Crops & Forest. Applications & results

Biomass, Crops & Forest

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Biomass. Biomass processing plants can be very large and very costly with lots of componants needing a lot of maintenance. Biogreen® Biomass plants are the perfect solution offering a small footprint, cost efficient operation, modular, can be mobile, low CAPEX, low maintanance cost, low downtime and only requiring electricity to operate.

Biogreen® technology offers you all kinds of products from your biomass including: bio-oils of various kinds, bio-char, carbon, charcoal, syngas and more. Biogreen® can help you valorize your biomass before committing to a plant.

Crops & Forest. All sort of wood form can be valued thanks to Biogreen®: flour, sawdust, woodchips etc can be transformed into char and oil. Char from wood can be used for soil amendment or as a solid fuel. Oil can be used for smoked food flavours for example. It give an answer to the storage problem of wood product which are wet and take place.

Torrefaction and Gasification process results

Data chart

Oak Tree Straw Thuja Tabaco Clove
Bio-char 80,8 % 88 % 68,5 % 46 % 89,3 %
Bio-oil 11,3 % 10 % 16,5 % 16 % 4,72 %
Bio-gas 7,9 % 2 % 15 % 38 % 5,98 %
LHV (MJ/m3) 0,35 10,41 0,69 1,04 0,12
Pyrolysis process results

Data chart

Oak Tree Clove
Bio-char 31,5 % 46,4 %
Bio-oil 27,1 % 27,9 %
Bio-gas 41,4 % 25,7 %
LHV (MJ/m3) 10,41 3,61

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Gasification process
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Torréfaction de biomasse (Version française)

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